LED is short for Light Emitting Diode and as the latest technology would have it, it’s not just limited to being used in watches or in mobile phone display screens. It is now a widely used mechanism to light up studios, shops, bridges, hospitals, restaurants and other such places of value to us.

LED products operate with the least energy consumption when compared with the CFLs and the incandescent bulbs. Statistics have it that for every incandescent lamp replaced with an LED bulb upto 75% of energy consumed is saved. LED bulbs have a life that can last for 10 times more than a usual incandescent bulb!

The harmful content of mercury and lead in CFLs and tube light are hazardous to health. Studies also suggest the infra red and UV radiation emitted from a CFL and an incandescent bulb pose a risk of cancer and can also burn the skin.

Shifting to LED is the only wise option to a healthy life.

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